The API Catalogue is the directory of the Data Exchange Layer’s services

Suomi.fi Data Exchange Layer

Suomi.fi Data Exchange Layer provides a standardised method for transferring information between the data systems of private and public sector organisations. The purpose of the Data Exchange Layer is to provide a reliable and secure way of transferring data between different systems.

The Data Exchange Layer is an entity that consists of information transmission services and that follows jointly agreed operating models on agreements and message transmission. The Data Exchange Layer consists of a public layer that operates in a public network and zone layers which are restricted network entities.

The purpose of the Data Exchange Layer is to help service providers and implementers develop more efficient electronic services and support the reuse of data.

For more information on the Data Exchange Layer and other Suomi.fi services, see Suomi.fi Service Management.

API Catalogue

The API Catalogue displays all organisations that have joined the Suomi.fi Data Exchange Layer and the services they offer. The API Catalogue contains service interface descriptions and additional technical information, information content, response times and the service providers’ contact information. It acts as an easy reference for the interface services offered through the Data Exchange Layer and the parties that maintain them.

If you find a service that interests your organisation, contact the administrator of the service to agree on how to start using it.

The Suomi.fi Data Exchange Layer and the API Catalogue are produced by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.