Welcome to the API Catalogue

The API Catalogue is an up-to-date index of the services (i.e. APIs) available via the Suomi.fi Data Exchange Layer. The API Catalogue contains a list of member organisations and service descriptions.

The services descriptions in the API Catalogue are maintained by service providers. The descriptions enable the potential users of the Data Exchange Layer to see what services are available, technical information on the services as well as the service providers’ contact information.

Registration in the API Catalogue takes place in connection with the adoption of the Suomi.fi Data Exchange Layer. Read more about the Data Exchange Layer on the Suomi.fi services for organisations website.

The API Catalogue is developed by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Examples of subsystems

Espoon kaupunki




Testaa liityntäpalvelimesi yhteys Palveluväylään Testipalveluiden tarkoitus Avoimen datan palveluiden avulla voit testata...

API Catalog statistics for the last 12 months

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