Welcome to the API Catalogue

The Suomi.fi Data Exchange Layer is a uniform and secure solution that enables your organisation to manage data transfer related to electronic transactions with other organisations.

Organisations that have joined the Suomi.fi Data Exchange Layer and the services that they provide are listed in the API Catalogue. Therefore, API Catalogue forms a directory where you can easily find an interesting service and agree on the implementation of the service with its service provider.

In the API Catalogue you can read about:

Registration to the API Catalogue is done as a part of the deployment of Suomi.fi Data Exchange Layer. Read how your organisation can start to use the Data Exhange Layer.

Examples of subsystems

Turun kaupunki


Turun kaupunki




Asiakastietovaranto (ATV) on julkishallinnon toimijoiden käyttöön Y-tunnuksellisista asiakkaista koostuva asiakasrekisteri, näiden...

API Catalog statistics for the last 12 months

103New subsystems
271New services


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