Reporting guardianship information to the Population Information System


What does the service offer?

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency's interface for reporting a child’s guardianship information, “vtjlapsihuolto”, is intended for municipalities, joint municipal authorities, district courts and courts of appeal, which have an obligation to report a child’s guardianship information to the Population Information System. There are three methods in the service interface that you can use to replace the current guardianship information with new information, add new information to an existing guardianship status or update, for example, that an individual guardianship information has reached its end.

Guardianship information includes

  • a child's guardians/persons with the right of access to information
  • guardianship housing information (with which guardian the child mainly lives)
  • either rights to make decisions or rights of access to information or the guardianship decision as a text (content).

What do I need to use the interface?

Using the interface requires you to have a reporting permit and the identifier must have the right to use the interface. Prior to use, you must test your application and obtain approval for operation. The identifier is organisation specific.

How much does it cost to deploy and use the service?

Public administration and private sector actors can connect to and use the service free of charge. However, the customer organisation will bear all costs resulting from the introduction of the service.

How can I start using the service?

Apply for a reporting permit in the Digital and Population Data Services Agency's e-service: https://asiointi.dvv.fi/ Remember to mention whose application you are using because different suppliers have different user permits. For questions related to applying for a reporting permit, please contact ilmoitusliikenne@dvv.fi

Service bus identifier




Additional Info

Field Value
Data Exchange Layer environment (X-Road instance) FI
Organisation type (X-Road member class) GOV
Organisation code (Business ID, X-Road member code) 0245437-2
Organisation code (Business ID, X-Road member code) VTJLapsihuolto