Subsystems lists services and service descriptions offered by organisations that have joined the Data Exchange Layer. A subsystem is used to provide services through the Data Exchange Layer and connect systems that are used for consuming services to the Data Exchange Layer.

If you wish to implement a service that is listed in the API Catalogue, read our instructions on implementing services and contact the service provider.

2 subsystems
  • Population Information System query interface

    Population Information System query interface What does the service offer? The Population Information System query interface of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency is intended for a situations where your organisation needs the following information from the Population Information System: personal data building information...
    • XML
    • XSD
    • WSDL
  • PIS modified data interface

    The PIS modified data interface enables a public administration organisation to keep its registers up to date with regard to the data in the Population Information System. The service is suitable for updating large registers. For more information, see: What do I need to use the interface? Using the...
    • REST
You can also access this registry using the Subsystem (see API Docs).