Information on the service
The API Catalogue for the National Data Exchange Layer is a centralised location for showcasing the services connected to the data exchange layer and how to use the information in them. The API Catalogue is a human-readable portal that, similarly to a service catalogue, presents the services associated with the data exchange layer, as well as their technical specifications, detailed information content and contact information for the service owners.

The purpose of the API Catalogue is to help service providers and implementers to develop more efficient electronic services and support the reuse of information. The API Catalogue contains descriptions of electronic services that process information that can be used by other information systems.

National Data Exchange Layer
The National Data Exchange Layer is en entity comprised of distributed data exchange services, where commonly agreed operating models are followed for exchanging agreements and messages. The purpose of the National Data Exchange Layer is to provide a reliable and secure method of transferring data between different systems. The data exchange layer entity consists of a public layer operating in the public network and zone layers, which are restricted network entities.

Additional information: palveluvayla@palveluvayla.fi

The API Catalogue is provided by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.