Active subsystems

  • VTJkysely interface

    VTJkysely interface What does the service offer? The VTJkysely interface of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency is intended for a situations where your organisation needs the following information from the Population Information System: personal data building information apartment information. Through the VTJkysely...
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  • e-Authorizations

    What does the e-Authorizations service offer? e-Authorizations is a service that enables an organisation to verify the mandates of a person or a company to act online on behalf of another person or a company they represent. When verifying the mandates, the organisation's e-service enquiries the e-Authorizations service in...
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  • Reporting guardianship information to the Population Information System

    What does the service offer? The Digital and Population Data Services Agency's interface for reporting a child’s guardianship information, “vtjlapsihuolto”, is intended for municipalities, joint municipal authorities, district courts and courts of appeal, which have an obligation to report a child’s guardianship information to the...
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  • Maintaining the Population Information System

    What is the VTJyllapito interface? The Population Information System is a basic register containing the personal data about Finnish citizens and foreign citizens residing in Finland on a permanent or temporary basis. The system also contains the information on buildings, construction projects and dwellings as well as the details of the...
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  • Testservice

    Test the connection between your Security Server and the Data Exchange Layer Purpose of the testing services The Testservice allows you to test the connection of your Security Server to the Data Exchange Layer. The subsystem also contains a few simple test services that allow you to test the operation of SOAP messages on your...
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